Our Highlands School was born in December 7th 2002. Father Antonio Herrero, LC, territorial director at that time, blessed the cornerstone and a statue of Our Lady. The first preschool building started. 

Miss Luciana Piccolo -founder principal- parents, consecrated women, and the first students generation were witnesses of such an important event. 

We couldn´t imagine all the benefits our school would bring since then to our integral formation and our families. Values, principles, faith and friendship shape who we are and our school as well. Highlands Family! Preschool building was started in February 2003 and by August there were 17 students enrolled. Since then Highlands has been growing. That school year 122 students were enrolled in preschool. In June 2005, first preschool public class was held. 

In 2005-2006 we enjoyed our first family get together. It still gives parents the opportunity to spend memorable moments with their kids in an extraordinary environment. 

We are now in 2007-2008, the first elementary school building was proudly inaugurated. The school that was once small, was not anymore. That year, God gave us the 1st consecrated woman dedicated full time to the school and formed part of our directive team. 

2008-2009 was the first time Highlands attended Interscholastic Academic Tournament with 47 participants. We welcomed the first full time priest and a second consecrated woman. They helped us to reinforce our spiritual formation. Their presence made possible to perceive God easily. 

In 2009-2010 the first Kermesse was held. A Circus! This activity showed the great Family we are all part of. In 2012-2013, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary. It was an important and decisive date because Highlands became a solid and stable school due to its families, staff and directive team. 

2013-2014, AdvancED accreditation. Our school accomplished another goal. The same year, the first generation graduated. That means that all we learn here in Highlands School is now shared and spread in our other schools and students though our alumni. Good job!